Values & Attitudes

Hobbies & Interests
Arts & Crafts: 13%
Dancing: 19%
Food & Nutrition: 41%
Gardening: 21%
Health and fitness: 38%
Music: 55%
Pets: 32%
Photography: 25%
Doing sport: 43
Reading & Writing: 39
Socializing: 37%
Technology & Computers: 33
Travel: 43
Video games: 40%
Watching sports: 21%
Other: 7%
Important aspects of life
Being successful: 26
An honest and respectable life: 35%
Having a good time: 39%
Advance career: 13
Safety and security: 38
Making my own decisions: 32%
A happy relationship: 57
Learning new things: 25%
Traditions: 10%
Social justice: 26%
A look at the personal future
Very optimistic: 13%
Quite optimistic: 39%
Neither optimistic nor pessimistic: 33%
Quite pessimistic: 10%
Very pessimistic: 3%
Types of innovation adaptation
Innovators: 1%
Early adopters: 12
Early majority: 40%
Late majority: 16%
Laggards: 31%

Media use

Magazine / weekly newspaper consumption by brand
Bild am Sonntag: 22%
Image of the woman: 16%
Brigitte: 15%
Coloured: 10%
Cosmopolitan: 16%
The house: 10%
The Mirror: 28%
The Time: 17%
Focus: 25%
Gala: 10%
Hörzu: 2%
kicker: 11%
Sports Image: 10%
Star: 19%
TV Digital: 11%
TV Spielfim: 11%
Other: 33%
Use of social networks by brand
Facebook: 74%
Flickr: 3%
Instagram: 70%
Yodel: 6%
LinkedIn: 18%
Pinterest: 27%
Reddit: 12%
Snapchat: 28
TikTok: 24%
Tumblr: 6%
Twitch: 17%
Twitter: 25%
WeChat: 4%
Xing: 11%
YouTube: 78%
Other: 3%
Use of media services
Audiobooks (download / streaming): 31%
Digital music content (download / streaming): 92%
Digital video content (download / streaming): 94%
Music hardcopy (e.g. CD, vinyl): 30%.
Podcasts: 38%
Radio: 69%
TV (broadcast / cable / satellite): 81%
Video hardcopy (e.g. DVD, Blu-ray): 41%
None of the above: 0%
Use of websites and online services by type
Blogs: 21%
Corporate websites and apps: 40%
News websites and apps: 44%
Newsletter: 29%
Online shops: 71%
Search engines: 99%
Social media websites and apps: 55
Video websites and apps (e.g. YouTube): 58%
None of the above: 0%

Personal settings

Food attitudes
The food must be convenient and fast: 23%
I actively try to eat healthy: 62%
I am on a restricted diet for health reasons: 9%
I avoid artificial flavours and preservatives: 37%
I do not like to cook: 17%
I have one or more food intolerances: 13%
I rarely have time for a proper meal: 15%
I try to avoid plastic packaging when buying food: 51%
I try to eat less meat: 43%
None of the above: 6%
Attitudes towards mobility
Driving is harmful to the environment: 35%
I am a car enthusiast: 40%
I can imagine using a self-driving taxi: 26%
I spend too much time commuting: 20%
I would like to switch to more environmentally friendly means of transport: 34%
Owning a car is important to me: 58%
The public transport system in my area is good: 40%.
There are not enough parking spaces where I live: 31%
None of the above: 4%
Attitudes to travel
I prefer individual travel plans to package tours: 38%
I want to experience something unique on my travels: 48%
Fear of terrorist attacks and political crises influences my travel behaviour: 22%
When I am on holiday, I use my smartphone as a guide: 53%.
When I am on the road, I spontaneously book accommodation, a rental car, etc. via my smartphone:24%
When it comes to travel, I always look for the best deal: 41%.
Sustainability is important to me when travelling: 20%
None of the above: 7%
Attitudes towards health care
I actively do something for my health: 54%
I can imagine using medical cannabis for treatment: 36%
I could imagine consulting doctors via app or online chat: 47%
I prefer alternative healing methods to conventional medicine: 18%
I undergo regular medical check-ups:41%
I would like to do more for my health: 53%
Patients have to pay too much for medication and medical treatment: 34%
Thanks to the internet, it is often possible to search for the best treatment method yourself: 21%.
The health system often lets patients down: 31%
None of the above: 4%
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