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    Example: Candidate Persona for employees in the IT area

    Creation of data-based personas

    The Persona Institute creates the basis for unique, needs-based customer and employee experiences with data-based (= based on millions of scientifically collected data) personas and thus promotes business growth and cost efficiency.

    Example: Candidate Persona for employees in the IT area

    Persona Profiler Tool

    Innovative software from the Persona Institute for the automated creation of data-based personas with representative data from more than 12 countries and on more than 1,000 markets, collected from more than one million interviews and standardized scientific questionnaires.

    Example: Candidate Persona for employees in the IT area

    Persona Masterclass

    In the Persona Masterclass you will learn how to create your own data-based personas and what else you need to know about data-driven personas and target group work. Once you have successfully completed all 8 lessons and the final knowledge test, you will receive a certificate from the institute as well as access to our Persona Profiler and can use it to directly create your first own data-driven persona . So we accompany you from the theoretical basics to the practical implementation.

    Example: Candidate Persona for employees in the IT area


    From e-book to whitepaper - with our publications you can dive into the world of personas and learn, for example, how to optimize job advertisements with personas and how the buyer persona leads to higher sales.

    Certification Buyer Persona Institute

    The Buyer Persona Institute sets international quality standards for persona development, to which we commit ourselves by certification.

    Certification Buyer Persona Institute

    For our concept in the provision of scientifically based personas, which is suitable for medium-sized companies, we have been awarded the Innovator of the Year 2022 of the German Economy.


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