Persona Profiler - Create your own data-driven personas

With the Persona Profiler, the Persona Institute offers you a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution with which you can independently create data-based buyer personas based on scientifically collected data within a few days .

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Data basis from more than one million scientifically collected surveys and a database of more than one million statistics
  • Less wastage
  • Without any market research of our own
  • Easy creation and management of personas in a protected web interface
  • Consultation / workshops on personas

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Certification Buyer Persona Institute

The Buyer Persona Institute sets international quality standards for persona development, to which we commit ourselves by certification.

Certification Buyer Persona Institute

For our concept in the provision of scientifically based personas, which is suitable for medium-sized companies, we have been awarded the Innovator of the Year 2022 of the German Economy.


The Persona Profiler: The ideal solution when ...

... your personas do not work .
Personas often emerge in workshops, based on experience and gut feeling. A shaky foundation.

Personas that you create with PERSONA PROFILER are 100% based on data.

... no market research budget is available.
Target group research with market opinion institutes is expensive.

With the PERSONA PROFILER you have all persona-relevant data in the sedcard, scientifically collected.

... you don't have time for personas.
data-driven personas takes time: researching, setting up surveys, evaluating and visualising.

With the PERSONA PROFILER, your data-driven persona sedcard is created in a maximum of 48 hours.

... Web and social analytics data alone are not enough for meaningful personas.
The data basis of the PERSONA PROFILER provides exactly the data you are still missing. Enriched with existing data, a complete picture of your target group emerges

This is what you get with the Persona Profiler

Access to the Persona Profiler and the Persona Masterclass

  • Comprehensive persona profile with all data on your buyer persona
  • Create, manage, and update your data and personas clearly in one place
  • Fast updates for your persona - so you can act agilely
  • E-learning portal where you can learn the basics of persona creation. Completing the course is a prerequisite for using the SaaS platform
  • The security of your data is our highest priority

A little insight into the Persona Profiler:

Scientific data basis for your target groups

The starting point for our data-based personas is your existing data: Web analytics data, CRM data, social media metrics, survey evaluations. We then supplement these with multiple sources:

  • Dataset of more than one million interviews based on standardised scientific questionnaires.
  • Representative for more than 12 countries, more than 1,000 markets and industries - updated four times a year.
  • Representative studies from different sources.
  • Database with more than 1 million statistics on more than 70,000 topics.

Includes sociodemographic data as well as data-based information on behavior, preferences, consumption and media use

The personas are industry- and subject-specific for the German- and English-speaking regions.


The Sedcard provides each of your target groups data-driven personas with hundreds of selectable details (age, income, hobbies, etc.) and is available in both basic and premium versions.

Popular functions & features


Whether smartphone, tablet or desktop computer: your Persona-Sedcard looks good everywhere.


The Persona Profiler enters the basic data. You can then add to and design your sedcard as you wish.


You can easily undo any change: it only takes 3 clicks.


If new data is available, you can update your persona. This way it changes with your target group.

PDF export

You can export your Persona-Sedcard as a PDF. With just one click.

PPTX export

Export your persona-sedcard as a PowerPoint file.

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