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Chat with your target group: thanks to our data-based personas? How and why companies benefit: About the new Persona Institute feature and how you can use it profitably.


An answer to what customers and employees are thinking in just a few seconds: sounds practical, doesn't it? With the new Sedcards function from the Persona Institute, companies can now chat with Buyer and Candidate Personas in real time - in German, English or Spanish. This way, you get answers to important questions faster and can easily bring personas to life across departments.

PERSONA-GPT: Persona Sedcards meet Chat GPT

Behind the Persona Institute's new feature is Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence language model that generates text from data. To enable companies to chat with their own personas, we pass the persona data to Chat GPT via an interface. The AI uses this to provide answers to questions that users ask the respective persona via chat. The data remains with Chat GPT only for the duration of the session. After the browser window is closed, all data, questions and answers are deleted.

Artificial intelligence brings personas to life

Artificial intelligence makes data tangible and helps to integrate personas into operations in a playful way. Like in a conversation, employees enter into a dialog with the persona, which makes identification with the target group much easier. Instead of reading data from the extensive persona profile or sedcard, as was previously the case, employees can ask for relevant information in real time. Marketing managers thus know which arguments they can use to persuade customers to buy, where and when. Product developers ask which product features users value and, conversely, what prevents them from using certain applications. On this basis, recruiters and HR managers design job advertisements and candidate journeys that are really convincing, while customer service obtains important information from the chat on the right way to deal with the target group. The Persona Institute's Persona Chat can be compared to a powerful service chatbot that summarizes the most important facts in an understandable way within a few seconds.

Chat with data-based personas in 3 steps

With a data-based Persona from the Persona Institute, you receive password-protected access to the Persona Profiler. There you can view, edit and, if desired, update data and profiles of your Personas. You can access the chat with your own Persona via the Persona Sedcard.

  1. Below the profile picture there is a button with "Chat now with [name persona]".
  2. Clicking the button will open a chat overlay.
  3. Employees can ask questions in the input line. By clicking the enter button, ChatGPT generates an answer based on the persona data. Depending on the question, this can take a few seconds.

The Persona Playbook also provides employees with recommendations for action on specific issues, such as communications or recruiting strategy.

Test chat with personas

You want to test the new function without obligation? Then try out the chat with our sample persona. Frank, a Candidate Persona from the IT department of a utility company, reveals, for example, what is important to him in his work, which benefits he appreciates, and which tasks he doesn't like at all. Do you have specific questions about the new function or personas in general? Then feel free to book a non-binding consultation appointment.

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