Sarah in detail

Sarah, 27, is an academics' kid from Hamburg and has had an interest in understanding "how things work" since early childhood, especially at the smallest level. She is also fascinated by connections and the reactions of tiny particles. Her parents encouraged her interest early on and first gave her magnifying glasses, later a microscope, and enrolled her in the chemistry club at school. She was particularly fascinated by practical experiments. When she can find answers to very concrete, pragmatic questions with the help of chemistry and physics, it gives her a deep sense of satisfaction.

Despite her interest in chemistry and physics, Sarah is neither a theoretician nor a loner who prefers to hole up alone in the lab. On the contrary, spending time with her friends, being outdoors and active is very important to her. Her ecological awareness, or rather her view that the environment must be preserved for future generations, developed during her high school graduation and was influenced by her friends, who are also very ecologically aware.

Sarah graduated from the Helene Lange Gymnasium with an average of 1.7. Studying directly after graduating from high school was out of the question for her - first she wanted to go out into the world to get to know other cultures, make new friends and make unforgettable memories. That's why she initially decided on a one-year work-and-travel stay in New Zealand. Here, inspired by the beauty of New Zealand's nature, she finally realized: She would like to work for environmental protection and sustainability and use her natural science talent for this purpose. For this reason, she decided to study chemical engineering at the TU Berlin after her return.

This was an important reason for Sarah to move to the capital: Many of her friends, with whom she kept in touch via Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp during her time in New Zealand, also decided to study in Berlin. Sarah, who likes to go out and socialize, is also attracted by the cultural offerings. She loves going to intercultural festivals the most, but also to alternative clubs. Unique experiences that connect her even more closely with her friends are important to her. She is politically engaged, takes to the streets for her beliefs, and leads a life focused on sustainability and community.


- it collects signatures for initiatives that promote sustainability and social justice

- she gets involved in a community garden project

- she regularly goes bouldering or hiking in the Berlin area with her friends.

She always has her smartphone with her so that she can easily post photos of their joint activities on Instagram. She usually arranges meetings via WhatsApp. To relax, she likes to watch sustainability documentaries on YouTube or listen to podcasts on the same topic. Clothes are important to Sarah - her outfit is a means to live out her individuality. It has to be sustainable, fairly produced and comfortable - but also not too expensive.

At the moment, Sarah is still living in a three-person flat share with two friends who are also strongly committed to environmental protection and sustainability. But her master's degree is just around the corner. That's why she is actively thinking about her professional future and looking for a traineeship to start her career. And although she appreciates life in Berlin and her colorful and diverse circle of friends, she can well imagine moving back to Hamburg.

After all, she still feels close to home, would like to have more direct contact with her family, with whom she currently keeps in touch mainly via WhatsApp or Facebook, and with her boyfriend, who lives in Hamburg and with whom she has been in a long-distance relationship for a year and a half. Sometimes she is also annoyed by the "dirt of the capital". The proximity to the North Sea and the fresh wind appeal to her.

Sarah is relaxed about her professional future. She knows that she is well trained and in demand as a specialist. It's important to her that the organization she applies to has a meaningful purpose and contributes to sustainability. Job listings on YouTube or on her favorite podcasts appeal to her, and she also gets stuck on job ads on Instagram. As a digital native, she knows how to find answers to specific questions with the help of Google. That's why job ads on Google are also relevant. But she also actively searches LinkedIn for job ads. For the well-educated, determined, and pragmatic Sarah, who seeks experience rather than possessions, to apply, job ads should include the following:

- Networking opportunities and team events, prospect of working or attending conferences abroad if applicable

- Opportunities for further training, career advancement, and permanent employment after the traineeship

- Sustainability or meaningful aspect (also related to the company: Organic cuisine in canteen/ in-house restaurants, saving paper, employee initiatives for environmental protection) and diversity (how diverse is the company? How is the company committed to equality and anti-discrimination)?

- Work-life balance (flexitime, overtime compensation)

- Health offers/subsidies for fitness courses

- Fair salary

Sarah puts interesting companies through their paces before applying: What do other or former employees say about the company on application platforms like kununu? Only when everything "fits" does she take the trouble to write an application. As a digital native and sustainability-conscious person, she rejects cumbersome, bureaucratic application processes that waste paper. The application should be exclusively online and technically flawless.

Personal characteristics & attitudes

Hobbies and interests
Meet friends
Outdoor activities
Doing sports and fitness
Cooking and baking
A look at the personal future
Rather optimistic
Important aspects of life
A happy relationship
Enjoy life
Food attitudes
I actively try to eat healthy
I try to eat less meat
I avoid artificial flavorings and preservatives
Attitude towards innovation
I like to stay technologically up to date
I like to try out innovative products
I only buy new technologies when they have been proven in practice
Internet settings
I could no longer imagine a life without the internet
Attitudes towards digital media
I want to access my music / movies on all devices (TV, tablet, smartphone, ...)
Digital services allow me to discover new and exciting content
Best picture and sound quality is important to me
Attitudes towards personal finances
I could imagine handling all financial matters exclusively online
I am well informed about my financial situation
I could imagine managing all my financial affairs exclusively via smartphone
Attitudes towards services
I like to organise my life with my smartphone
Attitudes towards health care
I would like to do more for my health
Attitudes to travel
When I travel, I use my smartphone as a travel guide
I want to experience something unique when travelling
When traveling, I always make sure to take the cheapest offer

Media use & consumption

Advertising touchpoints
Video portals (e.g. YouTube)
Social media websites and apps
Search engines
Use of publishing media
ePaper / Online News Websites
E-mags / magazine websites (on topics like fashion, sports, ...)
Consumption of magazines and weeklies by brand
The Mirror
The time
Purchases of ePapers + Online News Website Subscriptions by Brand
Social network usage by brand
Use of social networks by frequency
Activities on social media
Private messages sent
Posts other users liked
People followed
Commented on posts
Pictures / Videos posted
Social media usage by platform type
Messengers (like WhatsApp,...)
Share media (such as on Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest,...)
Social Networks (like Facebook)
Internet usage by device
Smart TV
Notebook (without touch screen)
Internet access by type
Broadband (DSL, cable, ...)
Media usage by channel
(Mobile) Internet
Website and online service usage by type
Search engines
Online shops
Video websites and apps (like YouTube)
Purchasing settings
When I shop, I look out for special offers
Online shopping settings
Customer reviews on the internet are very helpful
Before making a major purchase, I research online
I usually manage ordinary / recurring orders directly via my smartphone or tablet
Sources of inspiration for new products
Friends and acquaintances
Online shops
Social media websites and apps
In store
Search engines (such as Google)
Information sources for product research
Online shops
Search engines (such as Google)
Customer reviews
Brand Awareness by Category
Consumer electronics
Relevance of digital services
Return / exchange in-store products ordered online
Check online if the product is available in the store
Home delivery of products purchased in the store
Online purchases by category
Consumer electronics (e.g. TV, smartphones)
Online vs. offline product research by category
Consumer electronics (e.g. TV, smartphones)
Books, Movies, Music & Games
Online payments by brand
Smartphone by brand
Cloud service usage
Online applications to create Office documents (such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online, ...)
Online data and images stored
Online backup for computers or smartphones
TV content preferences by genre
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