Our partners

Together we are strong. That's exactly why we trust in our partners - and you can too:

With over 170 employees, Raven51 is one of the TOP 5 HR marketing agencies in Germany. Its core competencies are employer branding & marketing, job advertising & traffic generation, and recruiting services with a digital footprint, which are bundled into effective talent attraction strategies.

Raven51 already uses data-driven personas for campaign design for agency clients. In addition, the agency is the exclusive sales partner of the Persona Institute in the HR sector and advises HR professionals who want to use our technology in recruiting.

"With data-based Candidate Personas, we design HR marketing campaigns that are targeted and talent-centric. The partnership with the Persona Institute fits into our strategy of providing employers with high-performance tools to reach candidates faster - and to systematically generate enthusiasm for our customers' career offerings." (Udo A. Völke, Member of the Board Raven51 AG)

Raven51 AG

Searchmetrics is one of the best international software solutions for search engine optimization. The tool transforms organic search data into unique business insights for sustainable growth.
Searchmetrics GmbH

Statista is Germany's leading statistics company and offers a unique online resource for numbers, data and statistics.
Statista GmbH

Wildstyle Network is a digital creative agency based in Dresden, Berlin and Brooklyn.
The agency develops communication strategies for national and international brands such as Microsoft, Samsung, Leica Camera, HERE, ING DiBa, Deutsche Bank, Audi, Qualcomm, ZEISS and others.
Wildstyle Network GmbH