The Persona Masterclass - Learn everything about persona

Learn how to effectively create and use data-based personas for your professional and entrepreneurial everyday life can.

Particularly suitable for marketers, communicators, salespeople and managers.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • 8 comprehensive course modules
  • 1 data-based buyer persona sedcard (value: 1,200 euros)
  • More than 20 checklists and infographics
  • Persona Sedcard Templates
  • Detailed interview guide for own surveys
  • Email templates to invite to your own surveys
  • Template for the evaluation of own interviews
  • 10 ideas on how to bring your personas to life
  • 27-page e-book "data-driven personas"
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The brains behind the Masterclass

As a media scientist, Annalena is the brains behind our Persona Masterclass and brings Persona knowledge to the people.
Annalena Armoneit

Head of Persona Masterclass, Persona Institute

Stefan founded the Persona Institute, is currently writing a reference book on the subject and, together with Annalena, teaches Persona knowledge in the course.
Stefan Rippler

Founder, Persona Institute

Certification Buyer Persona InstituteThe Buyer Persona Institute sets quality standards for persona development, to which we commit ourselves by certification.

Flexible curriculum

The course is divided into manageable learning units that you can work through at your own pace.

For every level of knowledge

It doesn't matter whether you are just starting out or already have many years of Persona experience.

Create persona together

We will work with you to create a professional, data-driven persona for your individual project.

What is included in the course

8 comprehensive modules

The Persona Masterclass is divided into 8 manageable modules that you can work through at your own pace.

These topics are covered:

Module 1 - Why you need personas

Module 2 - data-driven personas

Module 3 - From target groups via segmentation to persona

Module 4 - Data collection and data gathering

Module 5 - Evaluate data

Module 6 - Formulate and design personas

Module 7 - Bringing Personas to Life

Bonus module 8 - Further areas of application for personas

At the end of each module you will receive a compact summary in the form of the "Key Learnings".

Official certificate at the end of the course

Pass the comprehensive test after completing all modules and receive an official certificate from Persona Institute for completing the Masterclass.

Use the certificate at any time to prove your in-depth knowledge of the topic data-driven personas.  

1x data-based buyer persona sedcard (value: 1,200 euros)

The Sedcard provides data-based buyer personas for each of your target groups with hundreds of selectable details (age, income, hobbies, etc.) and is available as a basic and premium version.

Persona Playbook & E-Book

For each data-driven persona sedcard you will also receive a Persona Playbook with operationalised recommendations for your daily work. 

Our e-book also tells you how to increase customer satisfaction, retention and marketing ROI with data-based personas. The 27 pages and 6 chapters include: concrete professional tips for implementation, examples, templates and more.


Access to the Persona Profiler

Create, manage and update your data and buyer personas clearly in one place.

A little insight into the Persona Profiler:

Practical checklists, templates and guides

You will receive directly applicable templates and guidelines, including an interview guide for your own surveys, email templates for your own surveys, templates for the evaluation of interviews, templates for persona-sedcards, ideas for the use of personas in the company, and much more.

Satisfied customers

Müller milk
Funke Media Group
Michael Müller Publishing House
Hrmony - Digital Food Stamps
ADAC Travel Distribution Ltd.
Orthomol pharmaceutical sales GmbH

Become an expert in data-based personas in just a few weeks.

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