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How to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and marketing ROI with data-based personas? Our free, 27-page eBook tells you in 6 chapters: with concrete professional tips for implementation, examples, templates and much more.

Candidate Personas in Recruiting


How to consistently focus on your candidates with data-based candidate personas. Defy the shortage of skilled workers with our eBook thanks to Candidate-Centricity. Download our 19-page eBook with 7 chapters now: with concrete professional tips for implementation, examples, templates and much more. 

Job ads construction kit


How to use data-based candidate personas to address your candidates exactly where they are - in exactly the right way: video, social, print, online, ... 

Download now our 30-page eBook with 3 chapters: concrete professional tips for implementation, examples, templates and much more. 


E-BOOK: AI in Recruiting

How do you use AI in a privacy-compliant way and thus put people at the center of recruiting? Our free, 25-page eBook tells you in 9 chapters: with concrete professional tips for implementation, best cases, checklists and much more.


E-BOOK: Generations in recruiting

How do you specifically address the different generations in recruiting, where are the differences and similarities and why do they not complement data-driven personas ? Our free, 19-page eBook reveals this in 7 chapters.


The Persona Principle

Successful recruiting with Candidate Personas

(German Edition) 

Skills shortages, digitization, and the constantly changing needs and requirements of job applicants: Successful recruiting consistently focuses on the job seeker. The persona principle makes this possible. Prototypical target group representatives create a better understanding of the applicants and help with targeted marketing and job advertisements that are formulated to the point. Candidate personas make customer-centricity in recruiting possible and thus facilitate the search for personnel. What customer-centricity in recruiting means, where the term comes from, what candidate personas are, why they have to be data-based, and how you can create them yourself - all this is revealed in this practical guide with examples and immediately applicable checklists.

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The Persona Principle