e-Book: Gen Z, Y, X and Boomer in recruiting

How do you specifically address the different generations in recruiting, where are the differences and similarities and why do they not complement data-driven personas ? Our free, 19-page eBook reveals this in 7 chapters: with specific professional tips for implementation, checklists and much more. Simply enter your name and e-mail address and you will receive your personal download link.

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That's what it's about


Executive Summary

Methodology and overview


Design of job advertisements

For Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X and baby boomers



Where the different generations become aware of job advertisements.

Application process

What is important to the individual generations in the application process


Which corporate benefits for which generation?

Executive Summary

Dear readers,
Across Germany, many vacancies remain unfilled and a significant percentage of trainees drop out of training. Filling vacant positions is expensive. On average, they cost around €4,700 per recruitment in Germany - a financial burden that is particularly difficult for small and medium-sized companies to bear.

We wanted to find out more about what is important to your potential new employees when recruiting. That's why we commissioned a study together with the market research institute Appinio on the topic of recruiting and factors that contribute to job satisfaction.
We have summarized the results for you in our eBook. This much can already be revealed: What exactly candidates:
inside job advertisements and how they need to be designed so that interested parties don't scroll on straight away differs greatly depending on the age of the person surveyed. However, there are also similarities between potential applicants from different age groups.

Read here ...
... where and how you can best reach candidates from different generations,
... how the application process should ideally be designed for applicants to rate it as satisfactory
... and what you should definitely avoid in job advertisements if you want to encourage candidates to apply to you. For tailor-made, efficient recruiting.



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