Our customers

Many customers build on data-driven personas from the Persona Institute. Some of them we may name here:

ADAC Reisen has been combining mobility and vacations with the security of ADAC since 1929. The Persona Institute developed two data-based B2C personas for ADAC Reisevertrieb GmbH and used them to operationalize specific recommendations for action for product development and marketing, as well as comparing the ADAC brand world with that of ADAC Reisen and expanding it based on data.

ADAC Travel Distribution Ltd.

4e solutions GmbH under the brand aaja! develops high-quality bioplastic articles that uncompromisingly replace conventional plastic household products.

For the ajaa! brand, the Persona Institute developed a data-based B2C persona and used it to operationalise concrete recommendations for action for product development, marketing and a content strategy.

4e solutions GmbH

CENIT shapes sustainable digitalization. With CENIT at their side, customers have far-reaching opportunities to optimize their horizontal and vertical business processes.

Our task: Verification, falsification and enrichment of the experience-based personas with scientific data.

"The excellent pool of structured market data provided by Persona Institute deserves special mention. Thanks to these excellent resources, we were able to develop insightful and comprehensible, data-driven personas , which are now ready to use - and with which many employees are now working." - Lisa Klenz, Teamlead Digital Marketing

Cenit AG

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is the third largest energy company in Germany.

Our task: Verification, falsification and enrichment of the candidate personas with scientific data.

"We developed our candidate personas using internal focus groups and researched study results. Thanks to the Persona Institute's depth of data, we were able to verify them and enrich them with valuable insights. The ability to chat with our personas is a nice, easy way to make them accessible." - Laura Torregrossa, Employer Branding Consultant


Gabor Shoes AG has been one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Europe for decades.

For Gabor Shoes, the Persona Institute verified and enriched an existing persona with data.

"Thanks to the support of the Persona Institute, we were able to verify our developed and imagined persona and back it up with data and insights." - Katharina Gottwald, Brand Management Pius Gabor / PR

Gabor Shoes AG

FUNKE ONE creates innovative products and user-centric content combining the best of daily newspapers and magazines.

For Funke One, the Persona Institute developed four data-driven personas . This resulted in: Targeting profiles, social media and content strategy.

"Thanks to data-based personas from the Persona Profiler of the Persona Institute, kronendach has managed to become a platform for a sophisticated community on Instagram and Facebook in a short time: On Instagram alone, kronendach regularly reaches 1.5 million users in Germany. kronendach is the first 360-degree media brand of Funke Mediengruppe that was launched on social media and grows from there across various channels such as web and print." - Sebastian Kadas, Chief Product Officer


Benefits can be this simple: Inspire employees with digital meal vouchers. Leading companies motivate their employees with the meal allowance from Hrmony. Can be used anywhere via app. 650 reference customers.

For Hrmony, Persona Institute analyzed the B2B Buyer Center, data-driven personas and derived a content guideline from it.

"With its buyer center analysis and data-based personas developed from it, the Persona Institute has done us a disservice: We tailor campaigns, lead nurturing and sales funnel even more optimally to the needs of our B2B customers and make workflows more efficient." - Natalja Magitova, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Hrmony Ltd.

JDE (Jacobs Douwe Egberts) is a subsidiary of JDE Peet's, the world's largest pure-play coffee and tea company headquartered in the Netherlands.

The Persona Institute has created data-based candidate personas for JDE Peet's.

"We created three candidate personas with the Persona Institute and were delighted with the data prepared in the target group matrix, sedcard and playbook." - Lorena Diall, HR Specialist Talent Acquisition & Development


MAGIX has been developing software to design, organise and publish movies and music for more than 25 years. 35 million people and thousands of media companies around the world use it to tell their stories, promote their brands - in soundtracks, films, photos, graphics or on websites.

The Persona Institute developed up to three data-driven personas for each MAGIX product: for the main, secondary and/or strategic target group. We relied on analytics data and market research data collected from the users. The result was an email marketing and content strategy, which Persona Institute supported operationally with the production of content pieces.

MAGIX Software GmbH

Michael Müller Verlag is the market leader for individual travel guides. 

Persona Institut developed several data-driven personas for digital and print products for Michael Müller Verlag. This resulted in: a data-based SEO strategy together with our partner Searchmetrics, a social strategy, a product development roadmap for the apps including a pricing strategy and a performance marketing mix.

"data-driven personas have enabled us to align digital products, online marketing and sales work even more precisely with the needs of our female customers: Scattering losses adé. This is how we, as a travel book publisher, managed to expand market share during the pandemic period with a big lead over our competitors." - Katharina Hokema, Managing Director

Michael Müller Publishing House

Moss is a technology-based solution for expenditure and financial management.

The Moss marketing and sales team supported the Persona Institute with data-based B2B personas in order to better understand the buying centre and the roles and actors active in it and to derive recommendations for action along the customer journey.

Nufin GmbH

The Persona Institute has developed data-based Candidate Personas for the Theo Müller group of companies in order to address potential job applicants exactly where they move every day - away from classic job portals.

Theo Müller Group of Companies

The Persona Institute developed data-based Buyer Personas for Orthomol pharmazeutische Vertriebs GmbH.
Orthomol pharmaceutical sales GmbH

Wildstyle Network is a digital creative agency based in Dresden, Berlin and Brooklyn.
The agency develops communication strategies for national and international brands such as Microsoft, Samsung, Leica Camera, HERE, ING DiBa, Deutsche Bank, Audi, Qualcomm, ZEISS and others.
Wildstyle Network GmbH