Persona verification

Verify and enrich your existing personas with representative data

Have you already developed personas and would like to verify, falsify and/or expand them with the help of representative research and survey data?

Please ask us simply use your existing personas are available - including the corresponding data used and describe ushow to use these have created personas.

We take care of the rest:

  • Statistical twins: We search our database for statistical twins based on your data and compare them with your existing personas.
  • Data analysis: We analyze differences, verify or falsify your theses and internal data.
  • Enrichment: We add further relevant data to your personas that you have not yet collected.
  • Conclusions: Finally, we draw conclusions about what this means for your target group approach.

Refine your personas for comprehensive insights!


Certification Buyer Persona Institute

The Buyer Persona Institute sets international quality standards for persona development, to which we commit ourselves by certification.

Certification Buyer Persona Institute

For our concept in the provision of scientifically based personas, which is suitable for medium-sized companies, we have been awarded the Innovator of the Year 2022 of the German Economy.


Persona verification by the Persona Institute:

The right solution when...

... your current personas are not producing results.

Personas often emerge in workshops, based on experience and gut feeling. A shaky foundation.

... no market research budget is available.

Target group research with market and opinion institutes is expensive and often not feasible.

... you don't have time to collect data and create personas.

data-driven personas takes a lot of time: researching, creating surveys, evaluating and visualizing data.

... Web and social analytics data alone are not enough for meaningful personas.

The Persona Institute's data basis provides exactly the data you are still missing. Enriched with existing data, a complete picture of your target group is created.

... you need fast and reliable results.

With our proven method and extensive database, we quickly provide you with precise and reliable data and personas.

... you want to align your company with data-driven decisions.

With precise and up-to-date data, you create the basis for well-founded decisions in all business areas.

Details about our service

Professional data basis for your target group

Your existing data is the starting point: Web analysis data, CRM data, social media key figures, survey evaluations, applicant management system data, personnel master data (anonymized).

We supplement these with:

  • Data sets from more than one million interviews based on standardized scientific questionnaires.
  • Representative for more than 12 countries, more than 1,000 markets and industries - updated four times a year.
  • Representative studies from different sources.
  • Database with more than 1 million statistics on more than 70,000 topics.
  • Further statistics from trustworthy organizations and institutes

Example data sets and personas

Get a better idea of the data sets with our sample personas (downloadable as PDF).

Simply click on the target group that interests you:


A selection of data for the target group "Employees in the IT sector"

Female graduates Students with STEM focus


Selection of data for the target group "Graduates/students with a STEM focus"

Prices & variants

This service is available in the following two variants:

Testimonials from our customers

CENIT shapes sustainable digitalization. With CENIT at their side, customers have far-reaching opportunities to optimize their horizontal and vertical business processes.

Our task: Verification, falsification and enrichment of the experience-based personas with scientific data.

"The excellent pool of structured market data provided by Persona Institute deserves special mention. Thanks to these excellent resources, we were able to develop insightful and comprehensible, data-driven personas , which are now ready to use - and with which many employees are now working." - Lisa Klenz, Teamlead Digital Marketing

Cenit AG

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is the third largest energy company in Germany.

Our task: Verification, falsification and enrichment of the candidate personas with scientific data.

"We developed our candidate personas using internal focus groups and researched study results. Thanks to the Persona Institute's depth of data, we were able to verify them and enrich them with valuable insights. The ability to chat with our personas is a nice, easy way to make them accessible." - Laura Torregrossa, Employer Branding Consultant


Gabor Shoes AG has been one of the largest shoe manufacturers in Europe for decades.

For Gabor Shoes, the Persona Institute verified and enriched an existing persona with data.

"Thanks to the support of the Persona Institute, we were able to verify our developed and imagined persona and back it up with data and insights." - Katharina Gottwald, Brand Management Pius Gabor / PR

Gabor Shoes AG

Müller milk
Funke Media Group
Hrmony - Digital Food Stamps
Orthomol pharmaceutical sales GmbH
Michael Müller Publishing House
ADAC Travel Distribution Ltd.

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