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How to use data-based Candidate Personas to address your candidates exactly where they are - with the content that interests them about your job - in exactly the right way: video, social, print, online, ... Download our 30-page eBook with 3 chapters now: with concrete professional tips for implementation, examples, templates and much more.

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Job ads construction kit

That's what it's about


What goldfish and dream candidates have in common


With Candidate Personas to a better job advertisement

Five candidate stereotypes and what you can learn from them

Brain-friendly writing for job advertisements


Why data-based candidate personas are needed for really good job ads


Best Practices


In a few days to the data-based candidate persona

Executive Summary

Looking for skilled workers? Then place job ads that turn dream candidates into dream applicants. How do you do that? With our ad construction kit!
Job ads are often the first contact when it comes to recruiting new employees. Companies only have a few seconds to arouse the curiosity of candidates. A candidate persona helps to target the job ad - in terms of tone, structure, content, visual language and the channel through which it is published. This is where corporate identity meets candidate-centricity. The challenge: companies must present themselves authentically - and at the same time meet the expectations of the candidates.



  • With several concrete job ad examples, optimized based on real personas
  • Bestcases from practice
  • Contact points for representative data
With our Persona Profiler, you can easily create data-based Candidate Personas in just a few days.