Study: Recruiting in the public sector

Job security, attractive pensions and a contribution to the common good: working in the public sector appeals to many people. But what do prospective employees want when applying for a job, at interview and during onboarding in the public sector? We have the answers to these questions: in our 17-page study . Simply enter your name and e-mail address and you will receive your personal download link.

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Executive Summary

Methodology and overview


Job advertisements

What is important when designing job advertisements in the public sector? 



How do you reach interested parties? 



What do people look out for when applying for jobs in the public sector?



What do new employees expect?

Executive Summary

From the visual design of job advertisements and suitable benefits to specific expectations for the first 100 days in the new job: To find out what is important to potential new employees in the public sector, we conducted a study on the topic of recruiting and factors that contribute to job satisfaction - together with Appinio and Statista.

Our questions were answered by ...

  • 1,682 participants
  • between the ages of 18 and 65 who
  • in the public sector as
  • employees (59.9 %), do not work in a management function (11.2 %) or as trainees (7.5 %).

Our aim is to support you in making your job advertisements, the application process and job interviews so attractive that they attract the attention of people who are not yet or only to a limited extent willing to change jobs. You can find out exactly what you should bear in mind in this white paper.



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