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Persona Playbooks

For each data-based persona, we deliver a playbook: Derived, operational recommendations for action for more Customer Centricity.

Persona Playbook: What is it?

data-driven personas give anonymous target groups a face and make abstract data tangible. A sedcard allows anyone to immerse themselves in the everyday world of their customers with just one glance. But what exactly do we derive from data-based personas in marketing, product development, and copywriting? What does a data-driven persona mean for my work?

We answer precisely these questions in a persona playbook. In the persona playbook, we get to the heart of the challenges faced by each target group, address their pain points, and develop strategies for countering them. We focus on the most important advertising touchpoints and develop ideas on how the target group wants to be addressed there. 

We define what kind of content pieces the target group prefers and develop initial format ideas. We derive concrete recommendations for product development, the UX/UI and give the content strategy a framework with the playbook.

Persona Playbook: A few examples

All the playbooks we have developed for our customers are top secret. But to make it clear what we mean by a persona playbook, we've developed a few - for you: our potential customer:s. Of course, this can only be a taste, as we have not gone so far as to develop fantasy products and recommend actions for them derived from the data-based personas. We have developed data-driven personas and based on that we have crystallized challenges, pain points and advertising touch points and developed recommendations for addressing them. Our case studies are about candidate personas for a drinking water supply company:

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