Luca in a Nutshell

Born in Hamburg, Luca has found his second home in Berlin. He has a part-time job alongside his studies. In his free time, Luca works out in the gym or meets up with fellow students. Luca usually spends long weekends in Hamburg with his family. He keeps in touch with former school friends via social networks. The 24-year-old is not only privately active on Instagram. As a passionate hobby photographer, he reports on life in Berlin on his profile. His 8,000 followers appreciate the micro-influencer's insider tips: from the best shooting locations to barbershops and hip gin bars - Luca knows what's trending in the capital right now. Sustainability is important to Luca: that's why he usually travels on foot or by bike. For longer distances, he uses the train and the long-distance bus. He buys used furniture and household items on Ebay Classifieds. If a new technical purchase is on the cards, he informs himself carefully before buying: via social networks and the reviews of other customers.

Media use

Magazine / weekly newspaper consumption by brand
The Mirror
Picture on Sunday
Social network usage by brand
Use of media services
Digital video content (download / streaming)
Digital music content (download / streaming)
TV (broadcast / cable / satellite)
Use of websites and online services by type
Search engines
Online shops
Social media websites and apps
Video websites and apps (e.g. YouTube)

Settings for...
I actively try to eat healthy
I try to avoid plastic packaging when buying groceries
I try to eat less meat
Owning a car is important to me
Driving is harmful to the environment
The public transport system in my area is good
When I am on holiday, I use my smartphone as a guide
I want to experience something unique on my travels
When it comes to travel, I always look for the best deal topics
I want to do more for my health
I could imagine consulting doctors via app or online chat
I undergo regular medical check-ups
Statista Global Consumer Survey 2021 - Update 1 (15,661 respondents)
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