Values & Attitudes

Hobbies and interests
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Political attitude
Middle: 15%
I'd rather not answer that: 15%
Left: 10%
Right: 10%
Attitude towards innovation
I only buy new technologies when they have been tried and tested in practice: 49%.
I like to try innovative products: 39%
I like to keep up to date technologically: 35%
Products I buy must meet the highest standards: 19%
Among my friends, I'm usually the first to try new technology: 16%
Always having the latest technology is important to me: 12%
None of the above: 9%
Types of innovation adaptation
Laggards: 39%
Early majority: 32%
Late majority: 16%
Early adopters: 11%
Innovators: 2%
Food attitudes
I actively try to eat healthy: 63%
I try to avoid plastic packaging when I buy groceries: 56%
I try to eat less meat: 45%
I avoid artificial flavourings and preservatives: 43%.
Eating must be convenient and fast: 22%
I do not like cooking: 18%
I am on a strict diet for health reasons: 11%.
I hardly have time for a proper meal: 11%
I have one or more food intolerances: 10%
None of the above: 4%
Attitudes towards digital media
Digital services allow me to discover new and exciting content: 46%
I want to access my music / films on all devices (TV, tablet, smartphone, ...): 42%
Best picture and sound quality is important to me: 40%
I prefer digital content because it is easier to manage: 38%
I prefer physical media of films, books or music (Venyl, CDs, DVDs,...): 34%
It's too expensive to be able to afford all the streaming services I want: 30%
I use alternative websites or apps to consume paid content for free: 19%.
None of the above: 6%
Attitudes towards health care
I actively do something to stay healthy: 56%
I undergo regular medical examinations: 54%
I would like to do more for my health: 50%
I could imagine online consultations via app or online chat: 45%
I can imagine having canabis prescribed to me for medical reasons: 41%
Patients have to pay too much for medicines and medical treatment: 38%.
the health system often lets patients down: 34%
The internet often lets you find out for yourself the appropriate treatment approaches: 20%
I prefer alternative healing methods to classical medicine: 18%
None of the above: 2%
Attitudes towards mobility
Owning a car is important to me: 66%
I am a car lover: 38%
Public transport in my region is good: 38%
Driving is bad for the environment: 33%
I would like to switch to more environmentally friendly means of transport: 31%
There are not enough parking spaces in my neighbourhood: 27%.
I can imagine getting into a self-driving taxi: 23%
I spend too much time commuting: 18%
None of the above: 4%
Online shopping settings
Before making a major purchase, I research online: 64%
Customer reviews on the internet are very helpful: 51%
I usually manage ordinary / recurring orders directly via my smartphone or tablet: 32%
I prefer to make major new purchases with my smartphone or tablet: 29%
I want to see a product before I buy it: 29%
I miss the shopping experience when I shop online: 19%
Sometimes I deliberately order more products than I want to keep: 18%.
When I order something, I prefer express shipping: 14%.
When I buy an item, I want to have it in my hands on the same day: 13%
None of the above: 6%
Attitudes towards personal finances
I am well informed about my financial situation: 67%
I could imagine handling all financial matters exclusively online: 45%
I am worried about my financial future: 32%
I could imagine managing all my financial affairs exclusively via smartphone: 25%
I could save a lot of money if a financial expert advised me (taxes, insurance, ...): 18%
I can imagine sourcing all financial services from internet corporations like Apple or Google: 9%
Managing my personal financial affairs is too complicated for me: 6%
None of the above: 5%
Attitudes towards services
I prefer services with personal contact: 38%
I like to organise my life with my smartphone: 35%
I am happy to pay for services that make my life easier and more convenient: 33%.
I tend to book services online: 25% of the time
None of the above: 17%
I am often dissatisfied with services: 8%
Purchasing settings
When shopping, I look out for special offers: 71%
Clothing and shoes must be comfortable first and foremost: 65%
Being well dressed is very important to me: 54%
When strolling, I tend to make impulse purchases: 47%
I prefer to buy several goods from different sellers in the same marketplace: 31%.
I always shop in the same shops: 27%.
None of the above: 1%
Internet settings
I could no longer imagine a life without the internet: 61%
It is important for me to have good mobile internet reception at all times and everywhere: 53%
I protect my data: 45%
Mobile phone reception is good in the area where I live: 45%
I am worried that my data will be misused on the internet: 44%
I am well protected against viruses and data misuse: 42%
Storing confidential data online is too insecure for me: 38%
The latest mobile phone standard is very important to me (5G): 16%
None of the above: 2%
Attitudes to travel
I want to experience something unique when travelling: 46%
When I travel, I use my smartphone as a travel guide: 43%.
I prefer individual holidays to package holidays: 42%
When travelling, I always make sure to take the cheapest offer: 32%.
Fear of terrorist attacks and political crises influence my travel behaviour: 23%
When I travel, I book accommodation, rental cars and the like spontaneously with my smartphone: 21%.
Sustainable travel is important to me: 20%
None of the above: 10%

Media use

Advertising touchpoints
On television: 73%
On the radio: 57%
Direct mail / advertising mail: 56%
In email newsletters: 49%
Promotional videos on YouTube: 47
On social media (like Facebook): 47%
On billboards, screens or advertising spaces (such as on public transport, ...): 47%.
In printed daily newspapers: 46%
In printed journals: 45%
In search engines: 45
Directly in the shop: 43
In apps: 41%
Banner on websites: 41%
Advertising videos on websites: 40%
In films / at the cinema: 7%
Other(s): 3%
I don't know: 3%
Magazine / weekly newspaper consumption by brand
Other(s): 35%
The Mirror: 26%
Focus: 22%
Bild am Sonntag: 18%
star: 17%
Image of the woman: 15%
The Time: 13%
TV Spielfilm: 12%
Sport Bild: 11%
TV Digital: 10%
Cosmopolitan: 9%
kicker: 9%
Coloured: 9%
I have not read any in the last 3 months: 9%
Gala: 8%
Brigitte: 8%
The house: 5%
Social network usage by brand
Facebook: 74%
YouTube: 73%
Instagram: 56%
Pinterest: 29%
TikTok: 26%
Twitter: 24%
Snapchat: 19%
LinkedIn: 18%
XING: 13%
Twitch: 12%
Reddit: 9%
Other(s): 5%
Yodel: 4%
Tumblr: 4%
Flickr: 3%
WeChat: 3%
Use of social networks by type of platform
Messengers (like WhatsApp,...): 68%
Social networks (like Facebook): 59
Share media (such as on Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest,...): 55%.
Business networks (e.g. LinkedIn): 18%
(Micro-)Blogging (Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress...): 18%
Rating platforms (such as Yelp, Tripadvisor ...): 14%
Discussion forums (Reddit, Quora,...): 11%
I use social media irregularly: 11%
Other(s): 5%
Use of media services
Books (print): 52%
Daily newspapers (print): 50%
ePaper / online news websites: 50%
Magazines (print): 47%
Weekly newspaper (print): 34%
Podcasts: 31%
eBooks: 30%
E-mags / magazine websites (on topics such as fashion, sports, ...): 29%
Audio books (download): 27%
None of the above: 5%
Use of websites and online services by type
Search engines: 99%
Online shops: 72%
Video websites and apps (like YouTube): 49%
News websites and apps: 46%
Social media websites and apps: 46
Newsletter: 39%
Corporate websites and apps: 38
Blogs: 16%
None of the above: 1%
Use of cloud services
Online data and images stored: 39%
None of the above: 38
Online applications to create Office documents (such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online, ...): 31%
Online backup for computers or smartphones: 31%
Use of ePublishing
ePublishing users: 67
Non-users: 33%
Internet usage by device
Smartphone: 90%
Tablet: 54%
Smart TV: 53%
Notebook (without touchscreen): 52%
Magazines: 49%
Laptop with touch screen: 33%
Game console (such as PS4, Xbox, ...): 31%
Smart speakers (like Amazon Echo): 23%
Streaming device (such as AppleTV, Chromecast, ...): 22%
Smartwatch: 21%
Use of online payment services
Users of online payment services: 75%
Non-users: 25%
Radio users
Radio users: 81
Non-users: 19%
TV users
TV users: 90%
Non-users: 10%
Gaming intensity
Occasional gamer: 51%
Non-user / I don't know: 29%
Regular gamer: 20%
Video Game Preferences by Genre
Strategy: 39%
Action (platform games, fighting games): 29%
Adventure: 29%
Sport: 29%
Action-Adventure: 28%
Simulators: 28%
Role-playing games: 26
Shooters: 23%
Other(s): 19%
MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games): 13%
MMO (massively multiplayer online games): 12%
Casual: 10%
MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arenas): 9%
I don't know: 3%
Digital music purchasing by platform
Spotify: 52%
Amazon Music: 51
Apple Music: 21%
YouTube Music: 20%
iTunes: 16%
Deezer: 14%
Google Play Music: 13%
SoundCloud: 7%
Napster: 6%
Qobuz: 5%
Tidal: 5%
TuneIn: 4%
Other(s): 3%
iHeartRadio: 0%
Pandora: 0%
Print media readers 2021 Update 3: (15,661 respondents)
Federal Statistical Office
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