Hans in a nutshell

Friends and acquaintances appreciate Hans for his technical know-how: no matter whether it's about problems with the computer, a new technical purchase or questions about audio and photo technology. The young-at-heart 68-year-old informs himself about current technology trends wherever he can and likes to share his knowledge. When it comes to equipment, he relies on the tried and tested - every now and then he tries out something new if the price and performance are right. Above all, Hans is a family man who likes to do things with friends and travels whenever his time allows - within Europe. Hans captures holidays, excursions and family celebrations with his smartphone and digital SLR camera. At home, Hans is usually out and about on his bike, enjoys hiking or working in his own garden. Traditional values such as honesty, reliability, trust, respect and tolerance are important to him. Financially, he is largely independent. Hans responds to advertisements when he sees attractive, younger people in them who are content and enjoy life. He has little use for Anglicisms.

Media use

Magazine / weekly newspaper consumption by brand
The Mirror
Picture on Sunday
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Digital video content (media libraries)
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Search engines
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Settings for...

I actively try to eat healthy
I try to avoid plastic packaging when buying groceries
I avoid artificial flavours and preservatives
Owning a car is important to me
The public transport system in my area is good
I prefer individual travel plans to package tours
I want to experience something unique on my travels
Fear of terrorist attacks and political crises influences my travel behaviour
...health topics
I undergo regular medical check-ups
I actively do something for my health
Patients have to pay too much for medicines and medical treatment
Statista Global Consumer Survey 2021 - Update 1 (15,661 respondents)
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