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Millenials have experienced the turn of the millennium. They are the first generation to grow up with the internet. What distinguishes this age group and how you can benefit from it: An overview.


A persona-sedcard for a prototypical representative of Generation Y is available here. The entire target group on a sedcard here.

Character of Generation Y

They have experienced and helped shape technological progress. In this respect, Millenials are considered one of the most solution-oriented generations. Success at work and a happy partnership are more important to Millenials than, for example, to Generations X and Z. Friendships and close relationships matter most to the 25-39 year olds. Friendships and close relationships count the most for the 25-39 year olds. Like Generation Z, Millenials also want to have fun and livean independent life. The so-called Generation Y is also characterised by a high tolerance towards other people, life concepts and new developments. This makes them adaptable and creative when it comes to finding their way in new situations. They see New Work and technical progress as an opportunity to work more efficiently and achieve private and professional goals more quickly.


Millenials: Career and Finances

Millenials have coined the term New Work and are passionate about their work. Career and social advancementare considered elementary goals in life, which is why they are considered typical workaholics alongside the Baby Boomers. They are completely absorbed in their profession and education, which is why work and private life often merge. They expect recognition from their employer: in the form of an attractive basic salary with opportunities for development and an attractive salary. basic salary with development opportunities and a secure job. Diverse work tasks are just as important to them as internal and external further training. When it comes to their own finances, Millenials keep an overview and set long-term financial goals: For example, 7 out of 10 Millenials make a budget to know how much they spend weekly and monthly, almost as many feel confident enough to make decisions about financial products and services. To protect themselves financially, more than half of Millenials have a savings account and a call money account. In addition, almost thirty percent of 25 to 39 year-olds invest in capital-forming benefits and building society savings contracts. Only one in ten Millenials invests in shares or investment funds.

Values of Generation Y

Like the younger Generation Z, millenials attach importance to a sustainable sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle.At least every second Millenial contributes to climate and climate and environmental environment in everyday life. Many Millenials live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, avoid plastic waste and reduce purchases of fast fashion. Around six out of ten Millenials also buy regional products whenever possible. Even more than Generation Z, they make sure to buy products from companies that take responsibility for the environment as well as for other people. More than half of the Millenials want social justice and would like to support people in need.

Hobby and leisure

Millenials prefer to spend their free time shopping and eating out. Creative activities such as photography, closely followed by simple repair and renovation work such as wallpapering or painting, are also among Generation Y's favourite leisure activities. Like Generation Z, Millenials like to spend time with friends who are often also their colleagues: At game nights, a visit to the amusement park or dancing at the disco. Jogging or working out in the gym keeps the workaholics fit.


Media use of Generation Y

Almost 60 percent of Millenials read newspapers at least several times a month, 80 percent listen to the radio and 90 percent watch TV regularly. The majority of Millenials use the internet via smartphone or stationary PC. In contrast to Generation Z, which mainly uses Instagram as a social network, Millenials are more active on Facebook. In addition, YouTube is one of the most important and most frequently used apps. Like Generation Z, Generation Y is also aware of the risks of social networks. Thus, the majority is of the opinion that they would be healthier and happier with less time on social networks. More than half are convinced that social media harms people more than it helps.

Consumer behaviour of Generation Y

Millenials order more frequently on the internet than other generations: Around 12 percent shop online at least once a week and almost 40 percent at least once a month. Around half of Millenials describe themselves as trendy. Around seven out of ten Millenials like to try out new products. Nevertheless, a large proportion of Millenials remain loyal to brands with which they have had good experiences in the past.

The most important 9 facts about Millenial and how companies address them correctly

  1. Millenials are workaholics but also family people: products that save time and help to combine both are particularly in demand.
  2. Food, fashion, sports and DIY are among the Millenials' favourite topics. Therefore: If it fits, integrate one of these topics into your own content strategy.
  3. With corporate values such as climate protection and sustainability, companies win Millenials as customers. The only prerequisite: Talk and write about it.
  4. Those who want to invest advertising budgets wisely rely on online and television advertising.
  5. Millenials reach companies mainly on Youtube and Facebook
  6. The majority of millenials use the internet via smartphone and PC. In terms of usability, make sure that the website and advertising material work on both devices.
  7. For 25-39 year olds, the exchange with other people is important: encourage this by calling for discussions on social networks, photo competitions or challenges.
  8. Millenials prefer to buy online - a clear online shop and a personalised customer journey are mandatory
  9. Millenials prefer to buy regional products whenever possible: Companies that also rely on local SEO have an advantage.

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