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Job description with candidate personas

Professionals wanted? Then place job ads that turn dream candidates into applicants. How to do it: It's child's play with our ad construction kit!


Job ads are often the first contact when it comes to recruiting new employees. But the fact is: companies only have a few seconds to attract the attention of candidates. A candidate persona helps to target the job ad - in terms of tonality, structure, content and visual language. This is where corporate identity meets candidate-centricity. Here are 5 facts you need to know and our kit for free download.

1. recruiters have 8 seconds to convince

A study by Stepstone shows that a good cover letter is not a matter of course. More than 60 percent feel that the application process is satisfactory or worse, starting with the job description and ending with the acceptance. Above all, there is a need to catch up when it comes to transparency. The focus is on salary information, home office and flexible working time models. Also crucial: readability, a clear structure and content that attracts the right candidates. And quickly, because people decide in 8 seconds whether a job ad is interesting or not.

2. brain-friendly job ads get more attention

To ensure that job advertisements are nevertheless convincing, there are rules that make reading easier. Scientists used an eye-tracking study to investigate the reading behavior of job advertisements. This resulted in rules for layout, content and structure that make job ads better and recruiting more efficient. Good to know: These can vary depending on the department. We have summarized the most important points in the white paper, which you can download free of charge.

3. gender-neutral job advertisements for diverse teams.

Today, companies rely on diverse teams. After all, these have been proven to improve the profitability and value creation of companies. In recruiting, diversity starts with the job ad. The first step: data-driven persona, so that you know which candidates you want to reach, how, where and when. The second step: a gender-neutral approach so that talents feel addressed regardless of gender. You can also find tips and tools on how to do this in our toolkit.

4. from candidate stereotypes and what you can learn from them

Candidate personas are the profile of a person or a group of people who have specific competencies, experience and character traits. The following applies here: The more data personnel have available, the more specifically companies can address candidates. For an initial overview and to learn what counts in the persona, stereotypes based on studies help.

5. from data-based candidate personas to the perfect job advertisement

Persona stereotypes are good. Data-based candidate personas are better. Because with a data-based candidate persona from the Persona Institute, you create the profile of candidates who really fit into the company. With representative data you get a detailed picture - regarding educational background, interests and media consumption as well as motivation, stressors and the individual way of working. How you can benefit from this knowledge in practice and use it for job advertisements, you can read in our eBook "Perfect Job Advertisements with Data-Based Candidate Personas".

The job kit at a glance:

  • Current facts about the Candidate Persona
  • Practical tips for brain-friendly job advertisements
  • Five persona models at a glance
  • Value spectrum according to personas
  • Example personas from the IT and STEM sectors
  • Sample job ads for data-based candidate personas
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