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Generation X

The fall of the Berlin Wall, Chernobyl and the prosperity after the economic miracle have shaped the childhood and youth of Generation X. What makes them tick today: an overview.

The character of Generation X

Over 16 million people belong to Generation X. This makes them the largest age group . For Generation X, also known as Generation Golf, family and a good work-life balance are more important than career. The need for excitement, adventure and variety also decreases with age. Harmonious togetherness - both at home and at work - is their top priority. Ready to help and socially committed, people of Generation X have a pronounced need to support others. In their jobs and in their relationships, they want security and continuity above all. At the same time, the generation is characterised by a desire for self-fulfilment. That is why they often define themselves through hobbies such as sports, music or photography. Here is the entireGeneration X target group sedcard. A persona-sedcard of Sabine (42), a prototypical representative, can be found here.

Generation X and careers and finances

Unlike the baby boomers, who define themselves primarily through their work, Generation X sees work as a means to an end. For them, job security and an attractive salary count more than recognition or a place in management. Generation X prefers to work on given tasks as long as they can implement them independently. When it comes to achieving professional goals, they are determined and ambitious. Nevertheless, they maintain a high quality of life. Whereas in families of previous generations it was mainly men who were considered the main breadwinners , around six out of ten women belonging to Generation X earn as much or more.

Which values are important to Generation X

People who belong to Generation X enjoy life and are more willing than other generations to provide for social justice. At the same time, they are individualists who want to realise themselves in one way or another. Both at work and in their private lives, Generation X acts primarily pragmatically. In short: instead of trying out new things and leaving their comfort zone, they rely on the tried and tested. Generation X also shies away from events that fundamentally change their profession and their environment.

Generation X: Hobby and leisure

Shopping and eating out are the most popular leisure activities of Generation X. But the generation is also enthusiastic about creative things like music, art and cooking . More than any other age group, Generation X appreciates spending a lot of time outdoors: Whether on a bike ride with the whole family or on the morning jog. Activities such as gardening and repair and renovation work are also popular with the target group.

The media use of Generation X

From the first computer to the first mobile phone to the first internet site: Generation X has experienced digital progress from the very beginning . Nevertheless, they are generally overwhelmed by the digital world, which they associate with progress on the one hand and security risks on the other. As an advantage of digitalisation, Generation X perceives above all the emergence of new occupational fields as well as easier access to knowledge and education. To stay in touch with children and friends, they use Facebook and WhatsApp. To network with colleagues, industry experts and companies, platforms like Xing and LinkedIn are used. At the same time, this age group is the last to make full use of classic (print) media.

What and how Generation X consumes

Once convinced of a brand, Generation X remains loyal to it for years. Above all, quality and value for money determinewhether they are satisfied with a brand. Before Xers decide on a new product, brand or service, most of them first do research on the internet. Customer reviews and recommendations on social media are considered particularly helpful. Almost 7 out of 10 Xers are active on social networks several times a week. A characteristic that pays off for advertisers. Generation X has money and likes to spend it: More than 40 percent of Generation X orders online several times a week.

The most important 9 facts about Generation X
and how companies use them to their advantage:

  1. Pragmatism, willingness to help and a high need for security come together in Generation X. Companies that convey security, communicate transparently and are socially committed are inspiring.
  2. The biggest pain point of Generation X: reconciling family and career. For companies this means: Offer products and services that support this.
  3. Invest advertising budget not only in online but also in traditional media such as print, television and radio.
  4. Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Xing and LinkedInare suitable for reaching the target group via your own content.
  5. Influencer marketing pays off when they know the interests of their target group. Cooperate with bloggers from specialist niches that interest your customers.
  6. When building websites and developing digital products, pay attention to clear design and intuitive navigation.
  7. Advertising media that are oriented towards classic media and forms of advertising
    are perceived positively by the target group.
  8. Ask your customers for a rating and in turn use it for marketing purposes - on and offline!
  9. Create a secure, digital environment for your customers: Through personal support and secure payment options. Also: Only ask for the data that is absolutely necessary for the ordering and payment process.
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